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Introduction :-

NSS is the biggest youth Organization of India, Where college and university students have involved themselves with an attitude of social service and a motto of "Not me but you" for greater interest of the Society. The NSS volunteers provide help and social service for all time with spirit and vinous. 'Service to Mankind is Service to God' has built up the strong will power of our NSS volunteers and Programme officers.

NSS Units of Nilgiri College :-

Nilgiri College, Nilgiri, Dist: Balasore, Odisha is a tribal sub-plan area, sub divisional headquarter college. It obtained permission in 1980 for functioning of of two male and one female NSS units in degree level. 50 NSS student volunteers are enrolled per unit per year since 1980 and are all working together very sincerely for their personality development through community service.

NSS Activities of Nilgiri College :-

On the Above background, the NSS volunteers and NSS-Programme officers of Nilgiri College, Nilgiri have created special identity among the needy mass of locality as well as the hill forest environmental area of Nilgiri.

We organize different Normal and special camping Programme in our adopted village like Cheminy Bhati, Station Sahi, Banapur and Godikhania. The following different social works, awareness activities and environmental protection programmes have been under taken by us.

1) campus cleaning and green fencing works in all the Govt. Schools of our adopted villages.

2) "Gyanalok" activities in our adopted villages.

3) Cleaning and Renovation of ponds, polls and wells of our adopted villages.

4) Creation of awareness about sanitation, AIDS Afforstation, Women empowerment and literacy etc.

5) Motivation of Tribal and different rural people of Swarnachuda hill forest area against Deforestation, Forest Fire, Superstitions and Loss of Biodiversity.

6) Cleaning of Lord Jagannatha temple campus and Hospital Campus of Nilgiri.

Moreover the NSS-units of Our college observe the following absorbance day in every year.

a. World AIDS Day on 1st December.

b. NSS Day, On 24th September.

c. Teachers Day , On 5th September.

d. Sadvabana Divas, On 20th August.

e. National Voters' Day, On 25th January.

Conclusion :-

NSS family members of our college tries their level best to fulfill the aim and objectives of Indian NSS organization by safe guarding the social and environmental interest of Nilgiri Hill forest area.

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